Magnify Our Incomparable Lord | Guest Speaker: Dr. Simon Melendres

Sunday School: Magnify Our Incomparable Lord; Sermon: Guest Speaker – Dr. Simon Melendres
Escuela Dominical: Magnificar a Nuestro Incomparable Señor; Sermon: Invitado Especial – Dr. Simon Melendres

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Jesus Stands Trial | Special Guest – The Gibsons: Missionaries to Nicaragua

Sunday School: Jesus Stands Trial; Sermon: Special Guest: Barrett & Eugenia Gibson, Missionaries to Nicaragua
Escuela Dominical: Jesús Es Juzgado; Sermon: Invitado Especial: Barrett & Eugenia Gibson, Misioneros a Nicaragua

Download MP3 Audio Here: Jesus Stands Trial (157 downloads )
Download MP3 Audio Here: Special Guest: The Gibsons - Missionaries to Nicaragua (147 downloads )